Hoschton Community Information

Hoschton was established in the 1860s by the Hosch brothers. In the years that followed, the brothers spearheaded the town?s development, first by securing the right-of-way for the railroad and then by having the community surveyed. The survey established the young community?s boundaries, which were noted as three-quarters of a mile in all directions from the new railroad depot. Home lots went on the market in the early 1880s, about the same time that the Hosch brothers supplied land for a school and other public areas. From these quaint beginnings, Hoschton has since grown to an established city with several residential subdivisions as well as light industry and retail.

Despite its growth in recent years, Hoschton still offers the advantage of safety. The city?s rate of crime is radically below the U.S. average; small incidents are infrequent and violent crimes simply don?t happen. This, combined with Hoschton?s quality housing and ample recreational opportunities, makes the city a great choice for families.

Hoschton?s climate is almost as welcoming as its residents. Winter temperatures average 40 degrees, fluctuating between lows of about 31 and highs of about 58. In the mild summer months, temperatures rarely exceed 90 degrees. Year-round rainfall reaches 52 inches, with most of this concentrated in the months of December, January and February.

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